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Kristine Schomaker and Sheli Silverio

Call and Response

Shoebox PR / April 11 - July 31, 2020 / , California


Call and Response- Collaboration at a Distance

Artists across the globe are finding innovative ways to stay connected in times of isolation and social distancing. A prime example taking place here in Los Angeles is Call and Response-the brainchild of artist and cultural producer Kristine Schomaker and her community focused team at Shoebox PR. A recent open call drew over 100 artists, randomly paired for the project.

Drawing on the Jazz Call and Response pattern and the Surrealist tradition of Exquisite Corpse- where collaborators add to a composition in sequence to create new work, Shoebox PR’s “Call and Response” provides a platform for paired artists to stay connected and support each other while making art… at a distance.

The mechanics of the project has Artist #1 create a piece within 24 hours, then send a digital version to Artist #2. The work can take any form including poetry, video, collage etc. Artist #2 then has 24 hours to respond in any medium/way they choose, and send it back to Artist #1- continuing the 24 hour cycle of responses for a period of 14 days.  Subject matter, media and method are all up to the collaborating teams.

The resulting paired work will be published on www.shoeboxpr.com  beginning Saturday April 11. The Shoebox PR team plans a physical showing of the work with an in-person celebratory reception when conditions allow for gatherings.  Watch for details this summer.

, California

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