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Levan Lagidze, Autumn, oil on canvas, 2021

Levan Lagidze: Promise


Katrine Levin Galleries presents the works of LEVAN LAGIDZE, one of Georgia’s greatest living artists whose work is held in the permanent collections of major museums including the Tretyakov Gallery and Museum of Modern Art in Russia, the National Picture Gallery in Georgia, and the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University in the United States.

Inspired by Georgia’s landscapes and cityscapes Lagidze creates vibrant and deeply textured canvases. Outwardly abstract the compositions contain traces of the figurative. Perspective has been flattened and each element within a canvas is given equal importance, so that the earth is as important as the sky. His aim is not to prioritise, not to ascribe secondary or primary values but to allow every fragment to form part of a universal whole. This creates a sense of paintings within paintings, as the smaller elements within larger canvases draw the eye and appear to stand alone, creating a Labyrinthian sense of art within artworks. Paint is applied thickly using a palette knife and there is a depth within each canvas that suggests a sense of things buried. Colour dominates giving rhythm and harmony across the larger canvases whilst the smaller canvases when exhibited together suggest a mosaic.

PROMISE is an exhibition of new works. What is Lagidze's Promise? Come in November to see.

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