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Daniel Ketelhut: "Figmented Reality"

Sparks Gallery / January 8 - March 5, 2023 / San Diego, California


Sparks Gallery’s programming in 2023 will explore the theme and concept of “Imagination” from exhibited and represented artists at the gallery. The artists will bring their visions and dreams to life through their craft and process, often using abstraction, mixed media elements, and layering.  San Diego artist Daniel Ketelhut kicks off 2023 with his solo exhibition, “Figmented Reality”. The series invites the viewer to bring his or her own perceptions to each piece and, with open sensibilities, allow the imagery to let them experience their own figmented reality.

Ketelhut’s works will be on view at Sparks Gallery from January 8 – March 5, 2023  with an opening reception on Sunday, January 8, 2023 from 11am to 2pm.

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Sparks Gallery
530 Sixth Avenue
San Diego, California

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