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Patricia Houghton Clarke

Book Launch and Studio Opening in support of Social Justice



July 17, 2021, 3 - 5 p m
410 Palm Avenue, A 18, Carpinteria, California

Facing Ourselves: Reckoning honors those who march in search of peace and justice, who create art to remind us of what's important, who write words to inspire us, and to all those who take action to create healthy, equitable and compassionate communities. https://www.facingourselves.org/reckoning

These photographs from small central California coastal communities represent the microcosm of challenges we are facing and how we cope with them, together and individually. Questions about our collective health, racial equity, social and economic justice, and the future of democracy stimulated not only a search for answers, but also the questions that help further the necessary conversations. Photographs by Patricia Houghton Clarke.

All net proceeds from this sale will benefit the ACLU. Stay tuned for ongoing national and international fundraisers for social change. For More Information please contact: pcphotog@gmail.com / 805 452 7739

How we face ourselves and each other is constantly evolving. Shall we turn towards, or away from, fear?
Or shall we face the future head on, adapting to our new world with grace, generosity and caring

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