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Tryptych of panels from the 'Rape of Europa' mural.

Maison Gerard Presents a Piece of French Art Deco History at The Winter Show

The Winter Show Online / January 22-31, 2021


Maison Gerard is presenting at this year's The Winter Show online. On view is a rare piece of French design history: panels from the famed USS Normandie. In the 1930s, the French Line commissioned top artists and designers to create works for this floating showpiece for national culture and industrial might. This ship, the fastest of its day, was the last great expression in the history of French Art Deco and was a tribute to elegance and glamour. 

First-class travelers in the Grand Salon were treated to lavish 20-foot-tall murals designed by painter Jean Dupas, of which six panels - a triptych, a diptych, and a single - as well as a set of three columns, are available from Maison Gerard, exclusively at The Winter Show. Created to serve as an ambassador showcasing the splendors of France, the ship's panels are meant to engulf you in the best of Art Deco design, creating a sense of light and space in the ship's interior. 

These exquisite panels were executed using the reverse-painting and gilding technique of verre églomisé with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium leaf on glass. Other murals from this dynamic set can be found in collections around the world, including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

View selections from Maison Gerard at The Winter Show online.

Shown: (detail) Tryptych of panels from the 'Rape of Europa' mural.

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