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Being Time′ The Time Being: Ye Hongxing’s New Series

Art+ Shanghai Gallery / November 1 - December 30, 2019 / Shanghai, China


For her 5th solo exhibition in Shanghai, Art+ Shanghai Gallery is honored and excited to present Ye Hongxing’s ‘Being Time′ The Time Being’. 


A relentless portrayer of contemporaneity, Ye Hongxing is a fearless experimenter, a polymath who picks up any media of her choosing and creates a piece of art that inspires awe, be it an intricate oil painting, a series of marble sculptures, staggering colorful installations, or sticker and stone collages.


Her new creations presented for ‘Being Time′ The Time Being’, be they impressively large triptychs or smaller paintings, strike with a refreshing and remarkably different language of artistic expression. Ye Hongxing never stops surprising, however, each time reinventing her artistic language she remains true to her voice and vision. With each stylistic reinvention, she masters pictorial balance and complex compositions and a sense of continuum with her previous work.


The latest series presented for the exhibition verge on the abstract, prismatic colors, almost surrealistic combinations informed by pop aesthetics. Still loyal to the favored technique of collage, Ye Hongxing unveils for the first time ‘Diamonds and Rust’ and ‘Red Curtain’, new series of acrylic paintings with fragmental incorporation of stickers and various textile adhesives. Objects swoop and swirl around the fantastical landscapes that seem to borrow other-worldly logic of gravitation.

Art+ Shanghai Gallery
191 South Suzhou Road (near Middle Sichuan Road)
Huangpu District
Shanghai, China

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