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Sundays at the Cahoon: Art Talk with Michael MacMahon


Art Talk: Artist’s Materials and their Meaning in the Paintings of Brenda Kingery and the Basket Makers of the Interwoven: Contemporary Basketry

History and culture play an important role in the materials artists choose to create their artwork. In this talk, Museum educator Michael McMahon will explore how an artist’s choice of a particular medium informs both the limitations and freedoms they have when creating a new artwork.  By looking at the traditional and the innovative materials used by painter Brenda Kingery and the artists of the Interwoven: Contemporary Basketry exhibition, the talk will explore how available materials can inspire and constrain the artistic process and offer a glimpse into the creative origins of art as it relates to a place and its people.   Drawing upon his research and knowledge as an artist and educator, Michael will offer a unique perspective on how these artists find their place within the expansive range of contemporary art being created today.

Cahoon Museum of American Art
4676 Falmouth Road (Route 28)
Cotuit, Massachusetts

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