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Lluís Cera: Skin and time.  Sènia-Stone und Iron / 33 x 22 x 39 cm

Festhalten - Holding on

Galerie 100 Kubik / February 5 - May 7, 2021 / Cologne, Germany


In the new retrospective exhibition "Holding on", the 100 Kubik Gallery in Cologne presents two artists from different artistic fields, but both virtuously master the use of their respective materials and produce particularly expressive works: Sculptures by Lluís Cera and ceramic paintings by Alberto Hernández. Due to the current pandemic restrictions, the exhibition will additionally be available to experience virtually on the website www.100kubik.de. Be prepared for an interesting interplay of powerful artworks!

The Catalan sculptor Lluís Cera (*1967, Barcelona) has already realized many exhibitions in different countries and has received several awards for his extensive work. His work is characterized by an incredible sensitive and precise handling of various materials, which mainly include marble, granite, iron, bronze and wood. The harmony of the massiveness of the substance and the softness of the surfaces jumps directly at one's eye, giving the sculptures an emotional component. Another important aspect that runs through Cera's oeuvre is the association of his sculptures with literary or musical text fragments, which add a poetic layer to his work. 

Alberto Hernández (*1959, Salamanca) works with ceramics and literally with the direct action of fire. He has developed his own method, based on a 16th century Japanese technique, using the effects of smoke in a controlled way to achieve spectacular results. This particular method of working in direct contact with the flames exposes the artist to extreme phyiscal conditions and requires speed. However, the challenge is worth it considering the fascinating surfaces and unique vibrancy of expression it creates. In addition to color effects and the outstanding black and white tones, Hernández's work is dominated by his own symbolic language based on vegetative elements, inented lettering or repetition. 

As different as the working methods of the two artists are, parallels can nevertheless be seen in their work: an interesting tension of strength and sensitivity, presence of materiality and subtle poetics make this exhibition a specal experience.

Galerie 100 kubik
Mohrenstr. 21
Cologne, Germany

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