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Closing reception for Trans-Spatiotemporal Manifestation of Being by Khang B. Nguyen


Khang B. Nguyen is a visual artist and PhD student in Eastern and Western philosophies at Claremont Graduate University. Studying the non dual tradition in the East, as well as the dialectical tradition and postmodern philosophy in the West, Khang wants to bridge these distinct traditions by showing their commonality, but at the same time respect their irreducible differences. The philosophical and spiritual insights attained from these investigations are integrated into visual art.

During his residency at Shoebox Project, Khang Nguyen created a series of paintings that investigate the nature of trans-spatiotemporal manifestation of being. Being, in each moment that includes, but is not limited to, the perception of linear time. The actualization of the perception of being-time is not only in terms of continuity but also discontinuity. This perception of existence does not simply occur in and as an uninterrupted succession of ‘nows’. There is space between what appears to be a seamless stream of time in which each present moment proceeds from a previous one and flows to the next.

Join us on Sunday July 28th, 3-6pm, for the closing reception of Trans-Spatiotemporal Manifestation of Being.

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
Los Angeles, California

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