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The Breath of Clay: The Life of Koichiro Isezaki's Contemporary Bizen


Ippodo Gallery’s spring artist Koichiro Isezaki demonstrates his contemporary studio practice through series of provocative, sculptural, yet minimal, vessels and forms.

The series Yo’ (Conception) comes from an investigation in artistic process. 

Koichiro Isezaki, while making vessels, began to question the act of his own art making - “which decides the form? Inside or outside? I realized it is Both simultaneously.”

Through pushing the clay from inside, Isezaki watches as the slightest amount of pressure and turn of his hand can change the profile, demeanor, and atmosphere of his form; bellowing, curving, thinning, and shortening.

With motions created from the inside, the form begins to shift, reflecting the soft manipulation of Isezaki’s hand.

The Pulse' series is Koichiro Isezaki’s take towards a more expressionist, spirited artistic process.

Each piece marks a second in time - the moment that the extruded form hits a surface - that is the ‘Pulse’.

The molding, transformative act of the raw, malleable, clay body hitting against a hard, patterned and textured, surface and collecting the information of that surface. 

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