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Zorka Wollny: Constructing Site with Sound (Workshop)

Arts Territory / December 18-19, 2019 / London, United Kingdom


A performance resulting from a two day long workshops with artist and composer Zorka Wollny, dedicated to architecture and voice. The workshops will be based on creating the relations between points in the space, making drawings creating lines and plains, measuring distances, building the walls by sound. The questions that the artist poses and that will be aliased with the group include: What is the audio dimension of the space? How to measure it with the voice? How to sing the line? How to sing the series of points? The flat surface? How precise can we be in directing the sound?
Workshop Times: 
18 December - 5.30pm 
19 December - 8.30am 

Swiss Church
79 Endell St.
London, United Kingdom

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