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Boris Anje (aka Anjel): Black is the Color of Gold • Oscar Joyo: HOME_BODY

Thinkspace Projects / November 13 - December 4, 2021 / Los Angeles, California


Thinkspace Projects Presents Two New Solo Shows

Gallery One | Boris Anje (aka Anjel) | Black is the Color of Gold

Gallery Two | Oscar Joyo | HOME_BODY


NOVEMBER 13, 2021 - DECEMBER 4, 2021

Thinkspace Projects

4217 W. Jefferson Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90016

T: 310.558.3375 | Tues. - Sat. Noon to 6PM




Opening Reception

Saturday, 6PM-9PM

- Masks are required during your visit -


Thinkspace Projects presents two brand new solo exhibitions. In Gallery One, Boris Anje’s (aka Anjel) U.S. solo debut, ‘Black is the Color of Gold,’ an entirely new collection of vivid neo pop portraits of contemporary African dandies. Placing his subjects against contrasting heavily logoed backgrounds, Anje reveals their sartorial elegance and pride within the pervasive influence of consumer culture.


In Gallery Two, Oscar Joyo’s debut west coast solo show, ‘HOME_BODY.’ In this collection Joyo strikes a balance between honoring his Malawian heritage and the world around him, resulting in pieces that were created both for himself and a broader audience.

Thinkspace Projects
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California

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