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Ready to Drop, produced by Artichoke at Brighton Basketball Court.  Photo by Matthew Andrews

Ready to Drop

Artichoke / August 20-26, 2021 / Brighton, United Kingdom


‘Ready to Drop’ is a new sound installation conceived and created by Orlando Gough and John Del’ Nero. Inspired by the thousand twangling instruments that hummed around Caliban’s ears in The Tempest, it will be presented at the Brighton Beach Basketball Court over seven nights from 20 - 26 August.  

Whilst walking through Brighton last year, the two creators were struck by the energy, joy, competition and communication of the court and its users, from basketball players to roller skaters. ‘Ready to Drop’ is their response to this poetry in sound, featuring recordings of the collective sounds made by people on the court and those of the adjacent dingy stand, the wind and the sea, all combined with an original composition. The installation melds the urban bustle of the city with the wash of nature, gently displacing the sounds of the night with the echoes of the day. 

The hour-long sound installation will be played on a continuous loop each night running from after dark until mid morning, 22:00 - 10:30, surprising the local night owls and early morning swim and breakfast crowd alongside sound art aficionados and passers-by. 

‘Ready to Drop’ is produced by Artichoke, one of the country’s leading creative companies. The piece will also be available in stereo version on Artichoke’s platform on the Bloomberg Connects app.

Brighton Basketball Court
Brighton Basketball Court
124 Kings Road
Brighton, United Kingdom

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