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A.A.  Murakami, Silent Fall, 2021.  Installation view of Superblue London, 12 Oct 2021 - Summer 2022.  © A.A.  Murakami.  Courtesy of Superblue.  Photo: Alessandra Kila

Build Your Own MP3 Player Workshop with Tigris Li at Superblue London


This beginner-friendly workshop led by creative Technologist and 3D Motion Designer Tigris Li, will teach participants how to build hardware and code with Arduino to create their own DIY MP3 player. Tigris Li’s practice explores the interplay between humans and technology and her past projects include creating 3D-animated fashion campaigns for Selfridges and Christopher Kane. The workshop will be held on Tuesday 22 March 2022 at Superblue. 

Participants will explore Silent Fall a new, site-specific multi-sensory installation at Superblue by artist duo A.A.Murakami which aims to dissolve the borders between technology and nature. Walking through the mirrored grove of tree-like automata which release ephemeral scented bubbles that can be handled, engaging sight, smell, sound and touch, participants will record sounds from the installation. They will then work with Tigris Li to construct their own DIY MP3 player which they can use to listen back to their recordings at home.

The installation marks the London launch of Superblue, the ground-breaking new venture dedicated to producing, presenting and engaging audiences with experiential art.

6 Burlington Gardens
London, United Kingdom

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