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Blink #2, Noj Barker at Masterpiece Art London

Masterpiece Art / September 30 - November 5, 2021 / London, United Kingdom

Masterpiece Art is delighted to present a selection of new work by acclaimed British artist Noj Barker. The exhibition, entitled BLINK #2, will be shown at its London Gallery, with a further iteration, BLINK #3 at its recently opened Dubai space.
The London exhibition is comprised of more than ten medium and large scale works by Noj Barker created over the last year. Barker creates his psychedelic images by layering ever smaller dots of acrylic on top of each other. Sometimes luminescent in their colourful variety, sometimes severe in their monochromatism, the final canvas encourages exploration.

Unlike the pointillists, Barker does not seek to create visual illusions and images with his dots, but rather to embrace the abstract. His miniscule dots upon dots upon dots encourage the viewer’s eyes to dance across the canvas, encouraging them to draw their own connections between these seemingly random points of colour in an act of stargazing made multi-coloured.
Says art writer Harry Dougall. ‘In a world of increasingly polarised division, it’s important to be able to step back, switch off and contemplate in order to try and make some sense of the world we inhabit. Through his art, Barker dives deep through that surface to focus on the vibrancy of colour and textures that connect our world, the things in life that we share are far more than that, that divides us.’

Masterpiece Art
3 Norland Place
London, United Kingdom

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