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Susana Reberdito: Stillleben - Lautleben

Galerie 100 Kubik, Cologne / January 26 - March 20, 2020 / Cologne, Germany


Susana Reberdito
Still Life - Sound Life

Painting and Sculpture
26.01. – 20.03.2020
Opening: 26 January 2020, 11-16h.

The exhibition of the Basque artist Susana Reberdito (*1962, San Sebastian) shows a contrast between two of her series: on the one hand the completely new sculptural still lifes and on the other the spectacular and sonorous paintings of the series Meeresrauschen. The vitality of this artist is evident in all her works, with a courageous stroke and a great mastery of form and color. As a lover of large formats and the use of everyday objects as motifs, she over-dimensions them until they lose their original character and acquire a different nature for the viewer. Her career has been very international, with stays of several years in Tokyo, New York, New York and the United States.

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Galerie 100 kubik
Mohrenstr. 21
Cologne, Germany

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