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Looking up, 2023, oil on canvas, 29”x22”

Jennifer Berkowitz | Moving Pictures


Artist Jennifer Berkowitz’s breakout solo exhibition Moving Pictures vividly captures the complex zeitgeist of 2023. With this series, she pulls viewers through a visceral journey of intersecting themes of loss, displacement, and renewal: at once beautiful and unnerving.As an artist steeped in movement and innovation, Berkowitz is always sensitive to the complex interplay between her interior experiences as a woman and mother, and the vulnerability of life itself. It may feel like we are now free of the burdens of the past three years, yet still something is not quite right. The show's images reflect the tentative rebirth of wounded souls emerging from isolation and fear.  A cocoon-like sheath surrounds writhing figures; portraiture is ripped and woven into new forms; and animation tracks disembodied arms, elbows, and legs as they move. Their journey forward is both inviting and unsettling.


Each image and animation is an element of the greater picture, and each one deploys its own technique and materials. Berkowitz has stitched existing images together, smeared salt and watercolor on mylar, and hacked into painted wooden panels. She deconstructs and rebuilds subjects, while revealing and concealing forms. Each image emerges from layers of paint that are applied in techniques ranging from thin, dripping washes to thick, impasto strokes.

Keystone Art Gallery
338 S Avenue 16
Los Angeles, California

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