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Jaime Gili, Con Villanueva, 2021


Cecilia Brunson Projects / February 17 - March 18, 2022 / London , United Kingdom


Cecilia Brunson Projects is delighted to present the forthcoming solo exhibition by celebrated Venezuelan artist Jaime Gili (b.1972, Caracas). The exhibition, entitled Loop, explores the ever- spiralling ideas which link Gili’s artistic, familial and national history.

In this exhibition, Gili draws on designs and geometric motifs made by the artist across the last two decades of his practice in order to investigate the repeated elements which appear throughout his artistic development, now realised in bold colour. The exhibition and title also reference the ‘looping narratives’ behind the artist and his country’s shared histories. Gili’s father, whose diaries from the 1960s were central to the development of the exhibition, fled Francoist Spain to settle in Venezuela in 1968. In 1996, Jaime Gili returned across the Atlantic to settle in London.

Among the many influences for Gili in this exhibition, the 1968 public project Imagen de Caracas is of considerable importance. Funded by the local authorities to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Caracas as a city, the event coincided with Gili’s father’s arrival in Venezuela. Although the project was cut short by displeased authorities, the efforts by the team of artists — led by painter Jacobo Borges — to document the history of Caracas across film, script, music and performance in a purpose-built pavilion, represents an important moment in the history of Venezuela’s artistic past.

On Friday, 25 February, Jaime Gili will also host an audio-visual presentation entitled Loop Pavilion. This limited capacity experiential event for which RSVP will be required

Cecilia Brunson Projects
2G Royal Oak Yard,
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London , United Kingdom

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