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Image courtesy Vellum LA

The Decentralized Unicists: A Botto Solo Show

Vellum LA / February 17 - March 6, 2022 / Los Angeles, California


The Decentralized Unicists: A Botto Solo Show

FEBRUARY 17, 2022 - MARCH 6, 2022

Vellum LA

7673 Melrose Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90046


Thurs - Sun | 1pm - 6pm (By Appointment Only)



FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Opening Reception | 7pm-9pm

Preview | 6pm-7pm


Los Angeles’s premier art gallery for NFT-backed digital art, is solidifying their reputation for innovation with the upcoming solo show from AI generative autonomous artist, Botto, curated by Jesse Damiani and Sinziana Velicescu. In its short time on the LA art scene, Vellum LA has showcased incredible artists from all walks of life. Now, joining them is the first decentralized artist governed by its own community.


Botto brings a level of interaction and humanity that is striking for an artist ruled by an algorithm. The Botto community is made up of over 6,000 people who vote on the best of Botto’s 350 pieces per week, ultimately acting as curators and selecting the winning works that are auctioned on SuperRare each week. Created by an international group of engineers and based on an idea that came from the German artist Mario Klingemann, a global trailblazer in the field of AI art, Botto responds to its community and learns day by day from the collective feedback of its community of stakeholders. Not only does voting determine the piece that will go to auction that week, but it provides feedback for Botto’s generative algorithm, dictating the direction that the next series of pieces will take.

Vellum LA
7673 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, California

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