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Street Art, Graffiti Art, Urban Art - Live Webinar


May 5, 2020 | 1:00 - 2:00pm EST Live Webinar

Join Leon Benrimon, Vice President of Modern and
Contemporary Art
 at Heritage Auctions for a live
webinar discussing the artists, galleries, and marketplaces
that have driven these movements.

The Urban Art category has existed in theory since artists
began using public spaces to create artworks. Artists like
Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquait are most closely
tied with the start but graffiti writers like Crash, Daze, and
Futura helped pioneer the movement. In the past decade
interest in the category has grown and created the need for
a separate auction category. Artists like Banksy and KAWS
have now come to represent the category, while newer
artists like Invader, Paul Insect, and RETNA have continued
to push it forward.  The popularity of the category is linked
to the newest generation of collectors who don’t necessarily
look to the traditional art world (art galleries, museums and
institutions) to inform their decisions about who to collect.
This generation of collector grew up on Michael Jordan
sneakers, rap music, and street culture, so the draw to
Urban art and their moved away from the collecting style
of their parents is clear.

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Fees (Live and On-Demand):
$40  Members
$50  General Admission

, New York

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