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Kathryn Hart, THE OTHER VOICE, Sala Coll Alas, Gandia, Spain, 2020.

Catalog Presentation for Kathryn Hart's "THE OTHER VOICE" on March 13


A catalog presentation for Kathryn Hart's THE OTHER VOICE will take place on March 13 at Sala Coll Alas, Gandia, Valencia, Spain, at 7:30 PM.

The catalog will be presented by Amparo Zacares Pamblanco (Associacio Valencia de Critics d'Art - AVCA), author of the foreword essay. 

THE OTHER VOICE is Hart's multidisciplinary solo exhibition in Sala Coll Alas, the contemporary exposition space for Cultura Gandia, and is on view through 20 March 2020. 

THE OTHER VOICE is inspired by the psychic heritage of 16th century powerful women (namely Lucrezia Borgia and the early Venetian feminist writers), Velazquez’ “The Fable of Arachne," a reinterpretation of Greek myth, and the artist's own pioneering lineage. 

The exhibition reflects on this psychic legacy of trail-blazing women and a retelling of their histories.  It is also illuminates that many of the constraints fought well over five hundred years ago still resonate today.

The installation is interactive as visitors are encouraged to add objects to it as inspired by the theme. More on the work of Kathryn Hart here.

(Artist interview: http://www.kathryndhart.com/kathryn-hart-recent-press.html)


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