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Malcolm Mobutu Smith, Hoof n Mouth, 2010, Stoneware, slip and glaze, 13″ H x 20″ x 15″, Courtesy of the artist and Wexler Gallery Philadelphia

Virtual Artist Talk: Malcolm Mobutu Smith

Hunterdon Art Museum / March 26, 2022


On the occasion of Smith's solo exhibition, Evermore Nevermore.

Artist Malcolm Mobutu Smith will speak about the materials, techniques, and meanings behind the works in his solo exhibition at Hunterdon Art Museum, Evermore Nevermore. Time will be given for audience questions at the end. 

An excerpt from the artist on Evermore Nevermore:

"Born of the anxieties, fears, and uncertainties emanating from ongoing social-political frictions, I felt an urgent and guttural need to respond through my work. The works here are a continuation of a series begun over a decade ago as we greeted, through grinning-yet-gritted teeth, our first Black president. Despite, or unfortunately, precisely because of this achievement, it peeled back the thin veil hiding the hate pulsing and coursing and seething through the body of our country.

Evermore Nevermore offers deadpan, sardonic totems as reflections of a festering hate-filled past to a confused and unrepentant present. At times the work presents a sarcastic specter holding up despicable representations to us, like a visual version of nails on a chalkboard. Yet weirdly they may also act as hopeful monuments sparking ideas for change, rather than not-so-forgotten uglinesses still boiling in the psyche of our culture and its people."

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