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On Demand - Book of Hours: Time, Desire, & Piety


The first text read and owned throughout medieval
Europe by people at every level of literacy and class
was the Book of Hours. Devotional texts containing
daily prayers, these manuscripts quickly came to
produce some of the most iconic artworks of the
Middle Ages. Today many collectors regard Books
of Hours as beautifully illuminated picture-books,
but they can also provide unique insights into
medieval lives and desires. Join Kristen Racaniello,
Les Enluminures
 to discover the history, structure,
and desirability of the medieval bestseller,
the Book of Hours. Kristen Racaniello is a medievalist, curator, and writer
with an MPhil. in Romanesque and Gothic Art and
Architecture. She joined Les Enluminures as Manager
of the New York gallery in 2016 and is responsible for
the New York gallery, writing, editing, producing, and
hosting the Les Enluminures podcast, and for virtual
content production at the gallery. Her 2020 article
“Haptic Homoeroticism: Evidence of Queer Bathing
Histories in the Glazier De Balneis Puteolanis” is
available through the Public Art Dialogue, and her
Master’s thesis “The Shrine System: Votive Culture
and Cult Sculpture, Enshrining Space in 11th to 13th
Century France” is freely available online. 


This is a recording of a lecture to be held live on 
Monday, April 4, 2022. Registrants will receive 
the recording within 48 hours of the live lecture.
Please note, recordings expire 30 days after receipt.

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