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Bruce Dorfman, "Sash For All Time", 2007, Mixed media, 67 x 40 x 4 inches

Color Speaks: Five Artists from the Art Students League of New York at Heather James Fine Art


Featuring work by Bruce Dorfman, Hiromitsu Kuroo, Noah Landfield, Yuko Ueda and Deborah Winiarski, the exhibition “Color Speaks: Five Artists from the Art Students League of New York” brings together a creative group of artists whose individualistic declaration of form and color transport the viewer into a space of contemplation. Additionally, on exhibit will be several pieces from the Art Students League of New York Permanent Collection. Bruce Dorfman’s mixed media works are informed by the artist’s ongoing interest in visual invocations of multiple moments of intimacies and places in time. Hiromitsu Kuroo is a mixed media painter working in the manner of Origami tradition. The canvas serves as the paper, and the gentle manipulation of its surface is how the artist conveys intricate textural landscapes. Noah Landfield’s paintings are redolent of the tension between man-made urban structures and the forces of nature and also expressive of the way they manage to coexist. Yuko Ueda’s inspiration comes from nature, life and the human spirit. Her painting’s main focus is expressive colors and harmonies of materials and personal visual experiences of color and shape in nature. Deborah Winiarski’s paintings are culminations of color, form and line embodied within layered films of wax which create textured surfaces giving a sense of depth and inner light to the work.

Heather James Fine Art
45188 Portola Avenue
Palm Desert, California

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