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Richard Lytle, "Quartet," 2004, Oil on canvas, 72" x 96"

Richard Lytle - No Still Life and Blinn Jacobs - New Work

FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery / February 28 - March 29, 2014 / New Haven, Connecticut


Fred Giampietro Gallery is pleased to announce the solo-exhibitions of new works by artists Richard Lytle and Blinn Jacobs. "Richard Lytle, No Still Life", is the first solo show by the artist at the gallery. His virtuosic oils on canvas of utopian vistas evoke a sense of solitude, mystery and place. Blinn Jacobs describes her work in a recent statement as being, “a dialogue between polygonal “shaped” canvases and the use of “painterliness” in regard to the interaction of color. Opening Reception is Friday, February 28th from 6-8pm. On view from February 28 – March 29, 2014.

Fred Giampietro Gallery
315 Peck Street
New Haven, Connecticut

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