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A perfect Day, 30" x 22", paper,acrylic,graphite

Dream Houses: Jacqueline Dee Parker


Parker’s work cross-pollinates  the artist /painter and poet psyche, she calls these art forms a visceral construction of space. The structures of collage paper resemble a balancing act of shape and color, layer and texture. "My paintings and poems rely on juxtaposition, metaphor, and the process of association, among other things, to express some sense of order, humanity, and emotional intent. Jacqueline Dee Parker  teaches at the College of Art & Design at Louisiana State University, she is a mixed media painter and published poet. Dee Parker was awarded the juror’s prize in the 2009 Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition (Museum of the Gulf Coast).Her poems appear in many literary journals and anthologies, including Atlanta Review, The Southern Review, Chelsea, and American Diaspora: Poetry of Exile, among others, and her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is the recipient of a 2007 Artist Fellowship from the Louisiana State Division of the Arts.

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16 Lyme St
Old Lyme, Connecticut

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