5 Guidelines for Investing In Fine Art Paintings.

  • March 06, 2014 07:42

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A poor economy often serves as a wake-up call to the need to be better informed about your investments. 

To help experienced and new collectors navigate the art market, Ackerman's Fine Art is offering the eBook: A Practical Guide to Buying Fine Art: 5 Guidelines for Investing in Fine Art Paintings. It's a 25-page illustrated guide, with expert advice gained from millions of dollars in transactions and years of professional experience in evaluating fine artworks.

Five simple guidelines help new and seasoned collectors develop a sense of how to evaluate artists and
paintings they want to acquire. Not only will readers learn how to reduce the risk of being overcharged for a work of art. Readers also find out
- Why it's critical to pace yourself when getting started
- What is most important when looking at condition and authenticity
- How to find a trustworthy art dealer

Those who request the guide by email also get a free follow-up series of 5 detailed articles about factors that impact the quality and financial value of a painting.

Readers can sign up to receive the eBook free at http://ackermansfineart.com/artbuyersguide.

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