Sell It With A Flourish

  • January 12, 2012 12:05

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The Antique Helper staff, outside of Antique Helper Auctions, Indianapolis. November, 2011
Antique Helper Auctions
Antique Helper's own John Sabol, A.K.A. "Superman" doing his duty for the team, January 2011.
Antique Helper Auctions

Some folks like to do things in a big way.  They enjoy the spotlight, and blossom with a little extra attention.  We’re sort of that way, too, so we understand.  Even when it comes to selling an antique or collectible, we think it’s always more fun to make a splash. 

Why do anything the conventional way when you can make it fun?

Do you remember that Super Hero Auction we had last year?  We had national news coverage for that event, plus plenty of local headlines and spots on our local news networks. 

Our own John discovered he looked good in tights, too, when he stepped in to model the Superman costumes.  After all, why use a mannequin when you have a perfectly good Vice President of Operations who can do an even better job?

We did it last fall with our Subjective Art Auction.  Why wouldn’t you hire a band to help you sell a bunch of funky contemporary paintings?

We know that an amazing collection deserves impressive measures to ensure that both buyers and consigners will look back on the auction event with positive feelings.  That’s why we took things to a whole new level with the Townsend Collection: Part I on December 3.  We made sure that every detail, from marketing to hospitality, was not overlooked.  The video documenting this very special auction event tells the story for us.

If there’s fuss to be made about an auction, the staff at Antique Helper are the people to make it happen.  Really, who doesn’t experience a thrill of excitement when they see a nice person discover that an object that’s been in the family for years could be worth hundreds, or even thousands of dollars? 

We love stories like that.  And, when it happens, we like to make a little noise.

That’s why we’re so excited about Antique Week’s Appraisal Fair and The Home Show Auction: Powered by Antique Helper, coming up January 20-22.  We’ve been given the opportunity to do what we do best:  Evaluate your art and antiques, and sell them at auction.

You should know by now that this won’t be just any auction. In addition to the world-wide Internet audience that participates in every Antique Helper Auction, your treasures will also take center stage, selling in front of thousands of people attending The Indianapolis Home Show.  You might even have the opportunity to appear onstage, along side your object, during a special live appraisal prior to the auction event. 

That’s what we call Selling With Flourish.  

For one fleeting moment, you could have it all:  Fame, the spotlight, thousands of adoring fans, and a little extra cash to get you through the winter. 

We suggest that you unearth that piece of Venetian glass, or your grandpa’s war mementos, that vase that your great uncle brought back from that time he lived in Hong Kong, or your Aunt Sadie’s cocktail rings.  What about that lithograph you’ve kept tucked away in the back of your closet for years? 

Collections of all sizes are welcome, too.  From fishing lures to sports memorabilia to Native American artifacts, vintage travel posters, estate jewelry, or Asian antiques, we welcome all submissions—from fine art to furniture.  If you’re curious, and you’ve been waiting for the right moment to sell, this is your time to shine.

Submit images of your items to be considered for evaluation here: 


This Louis Vuitton trunk once belonging to Robert Louis Stevenson's stepson Samuel Osbourne, it was discovered in Central Indiana. It sold for $8,000 in February of 2011.
Antique Helper Auctions

Or, give us a call at 317-251-5635.


Then, get ready for your close up.



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