Nothing Greens Greener: The Eternal Beauty of Emeralds

  • March 15, 2016 11:46

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This incredible, untreated 5.66 carat Colombian emerald displays the perfect color and exceptional clarity. The stone is certified to be untreated, meaning its beauty is entirely natural.
M.S. Rau Antiques, New Orleans

With its verdant hue known to sooth and comfort the soul, emeralds have been cherished by mankind for over 4,000 years. A stone that is representative of love, eternal youth and rebirth, emeralds have even inspired nicknames used to describe the lush beauty of locales around the world: Ireland is commonly known as the Emerald Isle, while Muntinlupa City in the Philippines, Seattle, Washington and Eugene, Oregon are all known as the Emerald City. A rare jewel steeped in legend and history, the beauty of the emerald is boundless.


The 1st-century Roman author and naturalist Pliny the Elder lamented on the emerald’s stunning color in his book Naturalis Historia (Natural History), stating that “no colour is more delightful in appearance. For although we enjoy looking at plants and leaves, we regard Emeralds with all the more pleasure because compared with them there is nothing that is more intensely green,” and that “…nothing greens greener.” Emeralds are found in many locations throughout the world, including Brazil, Afghanistan, Russia and Zambia, but the most beautiful and prized specimens by far hail from Colombia.


Colombia provides the perfect conditions for the finest emeralds to develop. The most valuable form of beryl, the jewel attains its desirable color from trace amounts of chromium and vanadium. The color of Colombian emeralds is singular, however, and has been described to be an intense green unhindered by the bluish tinge often seen in other emeralds. The untreated 5.66 Carat Colombian Emerald in this amazing ring is a perfect example of this; its green hue seemingly glows in the sea of diamonds that surround it.

The eight majestic, perfectly matched Colombian emeralds in this dazzling necklace are also untreated. These rarities weigh a combined 32.62 carats and are certified.
M.S. Rau Antiques, New Orleans


Not one, but eight breathtaking Colombian emeralds totaling 32.62 carats are showcased in this Colombian Emerald and Diamond Necklace. To find one jewel of great size and quality is rare, but to find eight perfectly matched Colombian emeralds is nothing short of amazing. Most emeralds must undergo treatment by oil to attain this type of color and clarity; these Colombian emeralds, however, are entirely natural, and are certified to be untreated.


These viridescent jewels are more coveted today than ever before, captivating the attentions of royalty and celebrities. From Queen Elizabeth II’s Cambridge Emeralds and the Royal Greek emerald parure worn today by Queen Anne-Marie, to Elizabeth Taylor’s famed Bulgari emerald suite and the countless designer creations that grace nearly every red carpet event, emeralds adorn the most stylish of high society. Precious objects of ultimate desire and beauty, the allure of fine emeralds has proven to be universal and timeless.


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