Whaling - The Advent of Art Collecting

  • June 01, 2012 06:31

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Nantucket Sleigh Ride - Wood Sculpture
Setting Sail - Maritime Shadowbox

Documents, motion pictures, lectures, and annual gatherings -all are mediums working together to bring back the era of whaling. With this year's celebration at Mystic Seaport, in Mystic Connecticut, with the restoration of whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN, more art venues are honing in on whaling themes in high numbers.

At homes on Cape Cod, shoreline communities in and around New England, and maritime communities -worldwide, the whale has been an integral part of our culture. In history and art, there is no comparison to the degree of interest this mammal has promoted. Each year there are countless art pieces being privately auctioned, collected and created on whales, whaling, and whaleships -purchased by collectors and family members who understand the lineage of this bygone era. But not just understand it; support it.

Gone are the days of 'the hunt' from national and international waters. No longer are ports lined with the tall wooden masts that once graced the shipping wharfs of Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, New Bedford and other whaling ports on the East-West Coasts of American shores. And yet, on international waters, where whaling first began in the 1600s with the Dutch and the English, only artworks reflect the period of those times.

Woodsculpted Whaling Diorama

With a passion for the whale, the men, and ships that once hunted them, one-of-a-kind whaling themes are now being produced out of the New England studio of Rex Stewart Originals. These are works that are hand-sculpted to perfection, illustrating the era as never before seen, in wood. Mr. Stewart's specialty for celebrating and preserving this period has been carefully formulated (by design) to capture the whale in a unique artform. These artforms are presented in three categories and produced in painstaking detail. The categories are shadowboxes, open air displays, and glass covered dioramas - all which are made of wood.

No two are alike in the limited edition pieces. However, the shadowboxes and dioramas are special orders that can be custom made to fit the client's decor or historical preferences.

For more information on how to commission or acquire these art collectibles write or call: Caseships@yahoo.com or 1-774-757-7137.

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Steamboat Models -The Rare Investment

  • Rex Stewart
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The Hudson River steamboat model and other such works are highly sought after in the collectible market, primarily because of its rarity. Very few collectibles in this genre exist and there is a place where they can be realized and collected to enhance the Bard paintings that are now favored in the maritime.

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