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  • June 11, 2012 15:33

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20th Century by HKFA

It's official, 20th Century by HKFA is open.  There is something quite fulfilling about having the key to your own shop.  Opening the door each day and enjoying what it means to be 'open'.  Open to new customers, open to new possibilities, open to new ideas.  


The Grand Opening was a wonderful event, old friends stopped by, new clients came in and the folks in the neighborhood welcomed us with open arms.  Fishtown is becoming an arts destination.  It's the rebirth of a neighborhood.  A neighborhood that was open to it.  In these old buildings that line the Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor, buildings that housed businesses on the street level and their respective shop owners on the second and third floors, new commerce is beginning.  


My shop had been a general store of sorts back in the early to mid 20th century and the shop next to me (now specializing in re-purposed objects) was a bakery for years back in the mid century.  The avenue is alive again.  The neighborhood old timers come into my shop and tell old stories of what the neighborhood was like all those years ago.  And in the same breath, each person has commented on how they love the new businesses here.  The new residents come in and say how happy they are to have a great antiques and vintage shop in the neighborhood.  And I'm proud to be part of it.

20th Century by HKFA


You could say that 20th Century by HKFA is a new type of general store, specifically for your home.  From furniture to lighting to art and more, the shop offers a wide variety of pieces in a wide range of prices.  There's definitely something for everyone.  And that wide net is what attracts the fascinating customer base.  Interior designers, other dealers, home owners and more all find their own reasons to stop by the shop.


The door to my shop is always open during business hours.  It's a simple enough gesture that speaks volumes.  But waiting around for customers to enter the shop is not in my blood.  That's where the picker in me takes over.  Last week I made a few purchases and like always they were based just on my eye.  As usual I happened to like the heaviest and largest item there, but that's really nothing new for me.  Turns out, a couple of the pieces have a really nice history.  And the picker in me went to work.  Contacting other dealers and getting the word out about the recent buys, elicited great responses.

20th Century by HKFA


20th Century by HKFA is open for business.

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