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  • February 16, 2014 13:08

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Sean McCormick, Owner and Curator at McCormick Place in Downtown Miami poses with the McCormick Place design concept that is now a rooftop mural (visible by all points in central Downtown) created by Miami-based Venezuelan artist, Eleazar Delgado.
Photo Credit | Lisa Morales
"The Doc" - Located in the main floor gallery. A 2 piece series by Marianna Fox, granddaughter of Dr. James McCormick. The 2 pictures document 'The Doc' himself watching one of his greatest loves - the sport of boxing. Both photos were taken at the 1966 fight between Big Cat and Muhammad Ali.
Photo Credit | Lisa Morales
Sean McCormick has made great efforts to create a gallery space that exposes the building's original character and history.
Photo Credit | Lisa Morales

McCormick Place is certainly a place to go visit. Rich in history (specifically, Miami history) stories emerge from each corner, room and floor, as well as, the elevator, walls, and the roof! However, it's a place where new ideas and stories are born each day. Peek into the artist studios, visit the exhibits, and, on First Friday Art Walk in Downtown Miami, sit under the tree out front, gaze at the stars, the Downtown Miami skyline...

And, as Sean McCormick (Owner/Curator) will tell you, it all began with a concept. I was going to reveal the story behind the concept shown here which is now a rooftop mural, designed by Eleazar Delgado ...but you'll just have to go visit and find out yourself.

Resident Artists

Eleazar Delgado Studio; Monique Lassooij; Andrea Beloff; Marianna Fox; Griselda Lechini; George McClements; Aquarela Sabol; Eva Avilal; Andres Conde; Stacy Conde; Karen Kim; Oski; Sharon Rauvola; Ana Rossi;Natalie Sarabella

McCormick Place

111 SW 3rd St.Miami, FL33130

(305) 206-4734

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