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  • March 21, 2015 14:29

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Lobby of Executive Park Towers, Stuyvesant Plaza -model of Hudson River steamboat PETER STUYVESANT.
Author's model of MARY POWELL in the President's Room at Albany International c.1980

It's not surprising that a resurgence has occurred in office settings that overlook American shorelines on the eastern seaboard and across the Atlantic. Whether it be on the river...or the mighty ocean, executives are taking a 'second look' at the maritime -utilizing ship models as part of their interior design.

Steamboats have a unique appeal that is, and was, the core of America's booming Industrial Age which came into its own as businesses flourished on the coastal shores. Such vessels were the contemporary mainstream of 19th century transportation.

As ship models, steamboats serve as appealing collectibles -promoting conversation among visitors, businessmen and women who daily frequent their offices.

Since 1980, I learned many of these 'corporate models' were requested because of the sentimental attributes they gave to its region, populace, and commerce. In New York, the late Governor Mario Cuomo had a steamboat model grace the Mansion's interior as part of its decor. That particular model was the famed Hudson River sidewheeler MARY POWELL.

Author presenting model of DANIEL DREW to Bank Of America Boardroom (formerly Fleet Bank) circa mid-'80s.

The featured photo in this blog represent the Hudson River steamboat PETER STUYVESANT. It was selected as part of a multi-million dollar renovation project which began in January 2013 at the Executive Park Towers in Stuyvesant Plaza and finished this past January 2015. Prior to this time other corporations featured similiar models in their offices and boardrooms -starting with Albany International in 1980.

The interest for these models are strong, especially those that traveled the Hudson River Valley between New York City and Albany, New York. It was a vision that began 35 years ago and continues today. We have a great maritime...and the 'corporate steamboat model' is not forgotten.

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Steamboat Models -The Rare Investment

  • Rex Stewart
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The Hudson River steamboat model and other such works are highly sought after in the collectible market, primarily because of its rarity. Very few collectibles in this genre exist and there is a place where they can be realized and collected to enhance the Bard paintings that are now favored in the maritime.

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