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My Art Escape

This blog documents my weekly art adventures in South Florida. To me, the first response to art should be visceral. Then, and when ready, I move beyond the visceral and develop an intellectual response. I like to take notes and photographs, research and think, and then return to write about my experience. South Florida's art scene is exploding! I hope that my adventures will help you develop a greater appreciation of art. I won't write much down, but I'll provide you the links, a couple of photos, and a bit of information. The rest is up to you. Go out and discover art, hone your appreciation, and share your knowledge!

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Sean McCormick, Owner and Curator at McCormick Place in Downtown Miami poses with the McCormick Place design concept that is now a rooftop mural (visible by all points in central Downtown) created by Miami-based Venezuelan artist, Eleazar Delgado.

Stories Waiting To Be Told

  • February 16th, 2014 13:37

McCormick Place is certainly a place to go visit. Rich in history (specifically, Miami history) stories emerge from ...


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