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Victor Higgins, New Mexico Sky, oil on canvas, c. 1922-23
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The Curator’s Eye recently had a conversation with Corinne Cain of, based in Phoenix, Arizona, about the results and experience delivered to her business by The Curator’s Eye ( The discussion covered online art sales, advertising, and how The Curator's Eye challenges traditional print advertising.

SavvyCollector.Com: Art Sales Strictly Online, To Rehome Superior Artworks

Corinne Cain is an art appraiser by training who broadened her already extensive experience to include sales. She worked in museums, galleries, as a paid art critic, and had experience developing a marketing campaign for a major New York auction house before opening She says, “ is strictly online, unless you happen to come by my office in Phoenix, at which time you can enjoy everything in person either here or at an alternative location.” Speaking of her role as an art dealer, she finds “rehoming superior artworks … a special reward.” Additional benefits include “not being tied to a fixed schedule, and it lowers the fixed cost,” says Cain.

The Curator’s Eye: Uptick in Sales

After listing a selection of items on The Curator’s Eye, Cain found results in the form of sales. Additionally, “one sale on The Curator's Eye was consistent with the uptick in sales witnessed on The Curator's Eye over the last two months,” Cain said. She found “the quality of items offered on The Curator's Eye uniformly very high. At our goal is to weed out anything that could be inferior or falsely represented.”

Cain reports, “One niche for has been American Indian fine art, especially painting and sculpture.” Indeed, Cain has an appraisal designation in American Indian Arts that she earned in 1987 after having directed Gallery 10, Inc., been mentored by several leading experts in American Indian Arts, taken university level classes covering American Indian Arts and private seminars.

“An Online Presence Coupled With A Modicum Of Art Fair Participation Is Most Likely ‘The Ticket.’”

Regarding the current trend of the art market maturing online, Cain says, “Early on, I was encouraged to believe online art sales were not possible, except for standardized items such as posters.” However, after years of experience in the realm of internet sales, Cain finds that “an online presence coupled with a modicum of art fair participation is most likely ‘the ticket’ for a successful art business now and in the future.”

Magazine Ads Are A Less Rewarding Expense, Provide Less Benefit In Internet Age

She challenges the status quo, saying “advertising in magazines does not result in sales like it used to. The expense of the magazines has been replaced by the expense of the art fair, which can be greater depending on how many you do.” Cain points out, “when you’re holding a magazine, you’re not holding your computer. If you’re already on the internet, the active link means you don’t have to transition between formats.” The Curator’s Eye offers specialized, targeted online advertising and marketing services that help private dealers compete in a global art market.

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