Seeing Stars; Star Quilts Abound in NYC at FISHER HERITAGE and at AFAM

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  • January 16, 2011

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Chintz star quilt from Laura Fisher, NYC.


Stimulated by the American Folk Art Museum’s graphic exhibition of antique quilts called “Super Stars” now on view at their Lincoln Square location, NYC Americana dealer Laura Fisher reviewed her own inventory and discovered an abundance of diverse star quilts in various configurations, colors and eras to satisfy any shopper eager to finally own a great one!

Star of Bethlehem, Lone Star, Star of the East, Crazy Star, Aunt Eliza’s Star, Morning Star and Northern Star are some of the picturesque names for this perennial, desirable icon. Photos of some of Fisher’s selections are attached; contact the gallery for images of even more. Choices include Amish and Mennonite stars, quilts with tiny pieces or one bold central element, early 19th century chintz and trapunto rarities, and stars on light or dark backgrounds, in cotton, wool, or silk.

The Museum considers stars “an enduring motif in American quilts.” Traditional examples contain six or eight points or ‘arms’ traditionally pieced of diamond shapes arranged by color and print. In Fisher’s collection are many uncommon examples: stars pieced of squares or triangles; or in only solid colors; combined with satellite stars that fill the entire quit surface; or intensely pieced. Stars appeared in quilts as long ago as the mid-18th century and over time may have been the pattern most frequently created. Today thanks to computers, of course, star pattern innovations are possible that were unimaginable to quilt makers in the preceding three centuries. At both “Super Stars” and in Fisher’s gallery you will be able to see at close range many diverse and well crafted examples of this most enduring and exuberant quilt heritage.

Conpass quilt from Laura Fisher, NYC.

FISHER HERITAGE is in the Hayes Fine Arts Storage Building, 305 East 61st Street, open Monday through Friday (not on weekends) from 11:00-ish to 4:00, or by appointment. During Americana week the gallery will be closed on Thursday morning.

contact: Laura Fisher 212/838-2596                                                               January 2011


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