William Siegal Gallery Uses Internet Marketing as the Best Way to Reach New Clients

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  • April 14, 2015

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A view Inside William Siegal Gallery. Santa Fe, NM.
A well preserved optical stepped cushma woven in two large symmetrical panels using the discontinuous warp and weft Scaffold technique mastered by early Andean Cultures.

William Siegal, owner of the William Siegal Gallery (www.williamsiegal.com), discusses his gallery’s use of internet technologies to brand themselves to a wider audience and expand their potential client base.

William Siegal Gallery, Founded in 1996 Focuses on Exhibiting Both Ancient and Contemporary Art Side-by-Side

After making the decision to not attend law school, William Siegal traveled around the globe. During these travels he was exposed to a very broad range of artistic styles. “I eventually settled in Bolivia for fifteen years to collect Aymara weavings,” He explains. From his settling in Bolivia in the early 1970's up to the present day, William Siegal has amassed one of the most significant collections of Andean textiles spanning over two thousand years.

William Siegal Gallery uses Internet Marketing as the Best Way to Reach New Clients

After his return to the United States, Mr. Siegal opened his first Santa Fe gallery on Canyon road, Conlon Siegal Galleries, in 1996. In 2001 he sold the Canyon Road space and opened his current gallery in downtown Santa Fe, William Siegal Gallery. Today, William Siegal Gallery maintains a 5000 ft2 gallery space that displays ancient art as well as contemporary pieces alongside one another. Today, art galleries have a difficult time efficiently reaching new clients with a gallery and art shows alone. In order to continue to thrive, Mr. Siegal has turned to online technology. “The internet is now the best way to reach the most people for the lowest cost. It's an absolute must for all retail businesses.” As a way to help them grow their potential client list, William Siegal Gallery has enlisted the assistance of The Curator's Eye, an online marketing platform for art.

Ancient Alamito-Condorhuasi sculpture of a suplicante(praying figure).

William Siegal Gallery Uses the Curator's Eye Passively to Expand their Audience and Grow Their Client List

Art galleries need to have a broad reach to market themselves to collectors because high-net worth clients are spread out across the globe. “It's clear the many top collectors from around the world are using The Curator's Eye and other online sources to seek out great material. We're fairly passive in our use of TCE, but it has allowed us to expand our client list and made our material known to a wider audience.” Mr. Siegal elaborates, “We do a lot of email marketing, and some print advertising. We rarely use paper mail, but occasionally it's necessary for physical materials. We also do several targeted Art Fairs.”

Face-to-Face Interactions are the Best Way to Develop Relationships but The Internet Makes it Easier to Connect with Collectors

William Siegal Gallery has been leveraging The Curator's Eye's platform in order to find new clients more easily and cost efficiently. “Our brand and reputation in the Pre-Columbian market is established, but hopefully The Curator's Eye will help new collectors find us more easily.” Mr. Siegal continues, “We recently completed a sale where a European collector contacted us through The Curator's Eye and purchased a piece. We believe he will become a repeat client. It is our hope that the internet will continue to make it easier for people to find us, discover our great material, and share those discoveries with others. ”


William Siegal Gallery in Santa Fe is a high-concept space that exhibits a distinguished collection of ancient art and artifacts alongside contemporary works of art. This stunning five thousand square foot gallery provides a rare opportunity to appreciate art that spans 5,000 years and many different cultures, while inspiring a new collecting sensibility: the Old is New and the New is Old. Side-by-side, they create exciting dialogs. For more information, please visit http://williamsiegal.com

The Curator’s Eye is the distinctive online platform for the finest art and antiques from distinguished dealers around the world. To view more exceptional Asian art and artifacts, and art from other categories including, ancient art, tribal art, and modern & contemporary art, visit www.CuratorsEye.com.

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