Introducing The Curator's Eye

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  • January 12, 2012

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Introducing The Curator's Eye

Introducing a new art market website, The Curator’s Eye ( Launched in September of 2011, the site is a scholarly online exhibition connecting museums, collectors, and dealers with the finest art and antiques available on the market.

Co-founded by technology entrepreneurs and art market veterans Frederick Patzman and Sarah Vallely, the site has attracted the attention and participation of seventy dealers to date, with 2,200 items worth approximately $100 million listed. It has seen a significant increase in visitors since its September launch, and based on the site’s Alexa web analytics ranking, it is already one of the top thirty art websites selling art and is likely to rocket higher, taking the collecting world by surprise.


Where other online platforms that focus on contemporary art, The Curator’s Eye extends to all corners of the art market. The site has an encyclopedic offering of investment quality art in such categories as: antiquities from classical to Chinese; tribal art from Oceanic to Native American; decorative arts from American to European; fine paintings including old masters to contemporary; Asian works including Japanese paintings to Chinese porcelain and jade; among many other categories.

A streamlined, simple, and intuitive interface emphasizes the beauty of the objects on offer. Collectors can go straight to the category they already collect, or browse through thousands of museum-quality items on display. The Curator’s Eye also combines sophisticated “Google-like” algorithms with a team of experts to form its unique placement system. This system ensures the very best items have the most prominent display for the discerning collector.

The Curator’s Eye is a distinctive online art market that seamlessly integrates into the current structure of the high-end art world. For example, the Art and Antique Dealers League of America, one of the world’s premier dealer associations, has begun working with The Curator’s Eye and has an increasing number of dealers on the site.


A scholarly emphasis encourages sharing of expertise, as only the most qualified dealers with the highest of reputations are invited to share the best of their inventory through The Curator’s Eye. In the past few years, participating dealers have sold to over a hundred museums across the world, including the Metropolitan Museum, the Ashmolean, the Qatar Museum, and the National Gallery of Australia.

Along with attending art fairs and maintaining a permanent gallery space, by participating in The Curator’s Eye dealers can constantly exhibit their exceptional artwork to thousands more potential clients across the globe. As the art market expands globally, The Curator’s Eye is in the perfect position to connect a worldwide collecting base to individual dealers. Today, collectors from Uzbekistan, Oman, Egypt, France, Brazil, and Russia are among the registered users from over eighty countries. By establishing a centralized high-end art and antiques market online, The Curator’s Eye gives dealers the necessary scale and access to global markets and international collectors that are hard to come by as an individual small business.

The Curator’s Eye provides white glove service for dealers, allowing our team of representatives to establish relationships and assist with technological aspects that may be out of the purview of their expertise as art dealers. The Gallery Management team consists of experienced representatives working within their personal and professional networks in their fields of expertise.

A few exceptional items among the 2,200 currently offered by dealers on The Curator’s Eye include a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript Book of Hours on vellum, bound in a gilded French binding. A 1937 painted depiction of the Manhattan Skyline by Reginald Marsh joins a charcoal drawing by Gerhard Richter from c. 1960, which is one of only two known extant drawings by the artist from the period prior to his flight from the Deutsche Demokratische Republik in 1962. To view more outstanding items available from the top dealers across the world, visit 

The Curator's Eye, LLC
About The Curator's Eye, LLC

A scholarly online exhibition connecting museums, collectors, and dealers with the finest art and antiques available on the market.

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