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  • November 28, 2021

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Work by Curator Pplpleasr

In Celebration of the Record Year for Digital Art and NFTs, Presents Special Auction at Miami Art Week Including Work From Pierce Brosnan


Opening Reception

Friday, Dec 3, 2021 | 5 PM to 8 PM

Sky Lounge Gallery

One Thousand Museum | 1000 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132


Not For Tourists Presented by LGND and Curated by Pplpleasr

Sky Lounge Gallery 

Online at | Friday Dec 3 - Dec 9, 2021

One Thousand Museum | 1000 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Miami, Florida (November 28, 2021) – The reality of the recent past has changed many aspects of life, from the way live events are conducted to the frequency with which we use up bottles of hand sanitizer. While not all of the changes have been improvements, the rise of digital art and NFTs has been decidedly positive. The landscape of the art world has changed forever, creating new opportunities for artists, not just monetarily but creatively as well. 

Miami may be known for its art and party-filled festival, but this is Miami like it's never been seen before, thanks to the NFT presence. As such a big part of the most recent art history, the city is sure to be brimming with digital art and NFT-related events, but none like the collection of work that LGND will be presenting. 

Almost two years after our lives were changed, LGND debuts Not For Tourists, an exclusive NFT art show at Miami Art Week. Celebrating recent advancements in art and technology, pioneering an artist-centric model that speaks to the power of this new era. Created by artists for artists, LGND empowers their collective of world-renowned artists in integrating their works into the crypto ecosystem on their own terms. Collaborating to reach a global audience, LGND and the artist secures a digital legacy through blockchain technology. 

Work by Maciej Kuciara

As Ty Carter, Head of Creative at LGND says, "We’re delighted to announce the LGND x Haute Living NFT gallery, ‘Not For Tourists’ at Miami Art Week. This show is a celebration of artists at the forefront of this medium who have pushed the space into new realms. As we near the close of such a transformative year, we look forward to the future and remain focused on the independence of creators and how to empower them."

Presented by LGND and curated by Pplpleasr, artworks will meet this amplified level of expectation head-on. In partnership with Haute Living, Airbus, Seasons LA, Grand Seiko, ACJ, and 8090 Partners, LGND will engage the eager crowd, on the evening of December 3rd with the VIP Cocktail Reception of Not For Tourists preview of the main fair, with an event that will kick off a special auction.

Featuring work by incredibly talented artists including James Jean, Shantell Martin, Joshua Davis, Maciej Kuciara, Praystation, Soey Milk, Ram Han, Ellen Sheidlin, Mike Lee, Grif, Kouhei Nakama, Naive John, Robbie Trevino, Hush, All Smilesss, Swopes, and 007 himself, Pierce Brosnan, the show is a carefully curated exhibition, bound to spark conversation. It is only fitting that the company is presenting the best, a group of legends and soon-to-be legends. Always prioritizing the artists and the art-lovers, the works will be presented in a gathering dedicated to facilitating conversation and education. The opportunity to promote the work in a way that allows for all collectors to learn about this new medium, in a setting that is at the center of the art universe, represents a certain culmination only LGND could conjure.

Just as NFTs have made a mark on the art world as a whole, LGND is excited to make their mark on Miami Art Week, exposing more people to the potential for artist-focused digital art and platforms to create something truly incredible.

Interested collectors should create a LGND account here and register to bid here, in order to participate.


LGND is a highly curated NFT digital arts platform built by artists, for artists. LGND enables artists to integrate their work into the NFT market on their own terms, reach a global audience, and secure their digital legacy through blockchain technologies. LGND fosters dynamic interaction and exchange between high-end collectors and world-class artists. 


Haute Media Group is a collection of print, SEO driving digital, and social media platforms specializing in all things luxury and the elusive ultra-high net worth end user consumer. 

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Haute Living has an audience of high-profile individuals within major U.S. markets and beyond that builds strategic partnerships with the world’s leading luxury brands – including those in the high-end watch, auto, fashion, children’s jet, yacht, and liquor industries bringing both together in highly curated, experiential events, allowing the brands and guests to make more personal connections in luxury environments.

Haute Living targets and caters to those who desire and have the means to experience the finest things in life, which also works hand-in-hand with its philanthropic “Haute Giving” initiatives. By working with reputable charitable groups and organizations, Haute Living is able to serve one of its biggest brand missions, which is to give back and to have a positive impact on underserved communities. 

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