New Street Art Painted in Madrid for the UN Climate Conference COP 25 to Inspire Communities and World Leaders to Act on Climate Change and Sustainability Goals

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  • December 19, 2019

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Artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada (@Gerada_Art) for GreenPoint EARTH Madrid 2019 (@GreenpointInnovations) - contact for additional GreenPoint EARTH Madrid 2019 photos for use
Photo credit: Fer Alcalá (@feralcala)

MADRID, SPAIN – December 19, 2019 – During the recent United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference — COP 25 — in Madrid, Spain, NYC-based Greenpoint Innovations (GPI – teamed up with Barcelona-based artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada (Gerada - to create two new street art pieces for the first international activation of GPI’s ‘art plus purpose’ series, GreenPoint EARTH (

The mission of GreenPoint EARTH is to leverage the incredible power of public art to inspire climate action with positive messages about the interconnected themes of nature, people, and climate. Curated by global climate sustainability expert and founder of GPI, Stephen Donofrio, artist Gerada was perfectly suited for this project. He has since the 1990’s in NYC been producing works with a social and ecological commentary, and is most well-known for his pioneering ‘Terrestrial Series.” Bios below.

“GreenPoint EARTH Madrid shines a light on the powerful leadership from indigenous people, women, and youth to save our planet from a climate crisis. Our world’s forests hold priceless value when you add up the people, biodiversity, and ecosystem services that that they contain. Teaming up with Jorge was an obvious decision. He has a clear vision and an incredible talent to turn these complicated concepts into artistic reality. We’re grateful to him and the many organizations that supported our full program of innovative engagement activities for COP 25.” - Stephen Donofrio, GreenPoint EARTH Curator and Founder of GPI

“GreenPoint EARTH’s innovative project is a celebration of the interconnection between indigenous communities and environmental conservation around the world,” says Nathalie Walker, Director of the Tropical Forests and Agriculture program at the National Wildlife Federation. “Working alongside GreenPoint Innovations at COP25 has enabled us to share this message with policymakers and stakeholders from all over the world.”

The art was a part of a broader program of innovative engagement activities showcased at COP 25 (see below) that were supported by local and global organizations including the City and Community of Madrid, UNFCCC, National Wildlife Federation International, Arbor Day Foundation, and Forest Trends. Visit for ideas for how individuals can get involved in climate solutions by planting trees with Arbor Day’s Team Trees, purchasing art by Gerada, and donating to Greenpoint EARTH.

  • December 06: Action Hub - “GreenPoint EARTH Film Premiere & Panel Discussion” – GPI’s Stephen Donofrio was joined by speakers Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Nathalie Walker of NWF International, Jeremy Manion of Arbor Day, Gabrielle Lipton of Global Landscapes Forum (watch video recording - link, media assets - link)

  • December 12: UNFCCC Pavilion with SDG Action – “GREENPOINT EARTH: Helping Communities Act on Climate Change through Street Art+Purpose” – GPI’s Stephen Donofrio was joined by speakers Marina Silva, Former Environment Minister of Brazil and Nathalie Walker of NWF International (media content - link)

The wall host for the murals is the Occupational Center in Lineal City (Centro Ocupacional Ciudad Lineal), a center for people with intellectual disabilities. Naturally aligned with the goals of GreenPoint EARTH, this freely offered facility is dedicated to helping people in the development of professional, personal and social skills.

“The murals allude to the importance of inclusion and respect for a better future. Just as the children and instructors in this building believe that together we can overcome great challenges, the people of the world must come together to safeguard a future for all the world’s children. There are specific elements in the Hilda mural that sends this message. The colors of the feather headdress represent each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The building surface is activated by a background of jungle foliage that also alludes to this greener future.” - @Gerada_Art

Featured in one of the murals is a portrait of Hilda Pérez, a leader of the Indigenous Ashaninka Community located in Peru. The team chose to feature indigenous people as they occupy 25-50 percent of the Earth’s land and the direct result of their stewardship keeps 51 GT of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere, a huge contribution to avoid and revert climate change. Notably, the colors of the feather headdress represent each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. She is also the Vice President of the National Organization of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women of Peru (ONAMIAP). ONAMIAP was founded on November 25, 2009, the International Day Against Violence against Women, as a result of a long process of formation, debate and articulation between sisters from different regions.

“I also painted an eye mural, “Forest Focus,” on the other side of the building that alludes to the eye symbol of Goal 13 for Climate Action with the image of the world as the iris. This mural has an artistic focal point that symbolize the values set forth at the COP25 conference being held in Madrid.” - @Gerada_Art

The second mural, ‘Forest Focus,’ is an eye of Planet Earth, with the Amazon rainforest as the pupil and Chile clearly visible as a homage to the official COP 25 host country. The mural shines a light on the opportunity in addressing natural forest loss as pathway to climate stability, habitat conservation, and ecosystems preservation.

“We work to inspire people, companies, and decision-makers around the globe to positively impact our environment by planting trees,” said Jeremy Manion, Carbon Development Manager for the Arbor Day Foundation. “Through public art, this collaboration has raised the visibility of the need for climate action.”

This display of the climate crisis through the beauty of nature and its people emerges after 14 days of the longest UN annual climate conference, during which the world’s highest level of world governments failed to make the political progress needed with even the UN Secretary-General António Guterres officially stating “I am disappointed with the results of #COP25.” Symbolically, this project represents how the people of the world are no longer willing to wait for the top to take the decisive action required to set our economies on the sustainable pathway needed to ensure the long-term health of Planet Earth. Fridays for Future has proven this, with millions of youth and adults rising up to take a stand against climate change.

GPI & GreenPoint EARTH Background ( &
Established in 2014, GPI is an arts production, storytelling, events, and creative activations company dedicated to advancing awareness and understanding of local and global sustainability initiatives. Since 2016, GPI has teamed up with artists (namely with artists ASVP, Arlin Graff, AskewOne, Danielle Mastrion, FAILE, Lexi Bella, SONNYSundancer, and Vexta) during the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit and Climate Week NYC. Prior project collaborators have included UNICEF, Global Landscapes Forum, Wildlife Conservation Society, Nature4Climate, NYC Parks Department, NYC Department of Education, among others.

About the Artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada (
Barcelona-based Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada is contemporary artist, with works on display in galleries such as the Duran Gallery (Madrid), Nelly Duff (London), Mathgoth (Paris), Neo2 (Barcelona), Huberty & Breyne Gallery (Brussels), and public art on walls and surfaces in Spain, NYC/USA, France, Lebanon, Bahrain, Argentina, and other locations worldwide. He predominantly creates his work in urban spaces on a large-scale with ephemeral charcoal drawings of his Identity Series, painted murals, is uniquely known for the Terrestrial Series, which are earthworks so expansive that they are visible from space.

Creator & Curator – Stephen Donofrio (
Stephen is a regular speaker and panel moderator at major industry conferences, meetings and seminars and launched this mural project on December 6 during an official session of the COP25 Action Center that the company organized and at a separate session at the UNFCCC Pavilion on December 12. In addition, he spoke at three official side events as Director of Forest Trends on December 5 (Theme: Restoration Forestry for Business), December 09 (Subject: Increase in voluntary action under the Paris Agreement), and December 12 (Subject: How will companies be using carbon offsetting in 15 years?). Stephen offers 15 years of experience working with companies, communities, governments and nonprofit organizations within the contexts of evaluation, strategy and reporting of “environmental and social management” of natural capital (ESG), responsible investment, carbon offsets and environmental markets, production of sustainability stories and arts, and remote sensing for landscape monitoring.

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About Greenpoint Innovations (GPI) ( is a purpose-led Brooklyn based arts production, storytelling, and creative communications & services company for advancing awareness and understanding of local and global sustainability initiatives. Since 2016, GPI has coordinated, curated, produced events and artistic activations during Climate Week NYC to provide engaging and educational opportunities for local and global stakeholders to learn about climate change and advance awareness of available solutions. With Greenpoint EARTH (, our goal is to help communities act on sustainability to make a difference.

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