Artkhade: The New Tribal Art Price Database

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  • March 11, 2013

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Artkhade: a new ergonomic module can guide you and help you choose the key words for your search

ARTKHADE launches a new research service dedicated to the African, Asian, Oceanic and American art market.

Historically very difficult to grasp, this market finds in the ARTKHADE database the source of information more complete and comprehensive available. Including more than 35.000 auction results (finalised daily), from 1927 to date, more than 30.000 objects gone under the hammer in more than 180 international auction houses, the ARTKHADE’s database is an essential tool for every collector, art dealer, expert and buyer specialised into African, Asian, Oceanic and American art, or for all inquisitive people willing to know more about this specific market.

Every user could start a research by key words and find very quickly the searched objects without fear of passing by them without realising. The search is faster, more efficient and surely easier. This kind of search allows selecting one region, a culture, a specific object and obviously its features. It can select size, material or period of making. And last but not least, it allows redirecting to the name of the owner, private collector or institution (museum, collection, etc).

In addition, for users looking forward to finding objects out of their expertise, a new ergonomic module can guide them and help them choose the key words for their search. When an object is selected it is possible to know its origins and discover the different sales it was in and the results of the various auctions.

A novelty also in the ARTKHADE database is its credits options: every user can buy credits from the website and can use them to get to the data. The user is not hurried up to finish is credits and in fact is charged only on real use of the source. A price list has been put in place to calculate the value of each data. As a consequence, the more detailed the information regarding a certain object, the higher the value of the credits.

To conclude, special care has been given to the quality of images which would be able to be magnified according to the user liking. In addition, many views and details of the objects shown are available to give subscribers a high resolution and quality of images.

Aurélien Cuénot

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