In the Steps of Cézanne

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  • May 23, 2015

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Walking in Cezanne’s Footsteps at Bibemus, 42 x 36 in, Acrylic, Oilpastel on Canvas
Anne Jensen

In the Steps of Cézanne and Anne Jensen

Anne Jensen creates her poetic abstractions as if they were filtered through of the translucent lights of Cezanne and the shapes of Picasso. Those looking for something exciting yet meditative should not miss the recent series of Anne Jensen at Tokyo International Art Fair. The city of Tokyo is playing host to hundreds of talented artists from all around the world when it stages the first Tokyo International Art Fair from 22nd to 23rd May 2015. More than 150 artists from over 30 countries are filling the prime located Quest Hall – Harajuku with a showcase of modern and contemporary art.

Let it go, 50 x 36 in, Acrylic, Oilpastel on Canvas
Anne Jensen

The Norway-born artist who is living and working in Houston, Texas, is delighted to be selected for the show in Tokyo. To learn more about the artist’s intention she mentions, “my art is an exploration of color, movement and emotion. I draw inspiration from varied subjects – my childhood in Norway, my travels around the world and the ups and downs of daily life. I contemplate a feeling, visualize a memory and then work on creating an abstract representation on canvas. “

Reflecting upon her childhood in Norway, her deep relationship to nature and rich cultural heritage, she explains the aesthetic concept and process of her work: “I start with a feeling and a palette of color. From there, I let my subconscious speak. It makes the exploration of colors and light a more organic and improvisational experience. I often work on a series of paintings together, to further explore certain colors and themes that I find moving. I work in thin layers – adding layer upon layer – to achieve shadows of what is underneath.”

Among this exhibition, her works were showcased at the Royal Norwegian Consulate in Houston, Smith Gallery Houston, AnArte Gallery San Antonio/Texas, World Wide Art Fair in Los Angeles (2014) and Art Expo New York (2015).

Anne Jensen creates patterns that evoke an intensely personal sense of the knowing and understanding of the universal, spiritual landscape as realized in her work “Walking in Cezanne’s Footsteps at Bibemus”.

Hidden in a pine forest high on a sandstone plateau, the brooding Bibémus Quarries near Aix en Provence are a majestic location. Paul Cézanne mined them for inspiration at the peak of his career. Jensen’s pastel reveals a purity of vision and shares rhythm and balance that draws the viewer into the composition. It is her intention to focus also on the long and intensive working process to finalize a painting, the journey is the reward.

Suddenly the viewer is taken into the illusion of an imaginaire landscape. What appears to be a color, shape and form, is in fact a deeper study of natural elements. Painting and nature become an organic whole to transfer the essence, the elements of light and spirit of life.


Tokyo International Art Fair
Quest Hall - Harajuku
Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 1-13-14, 3F

Anne Jensen
Studio # 218
Springstreet Studios
1824 Spring Street
Houston, Texas, 77007
US States
Mobile: 001.832.566.0163

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