Gallery 25N “Dreams 2” Online Exhibition Opens

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  • June 17, 2016

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An Online Group Exhibit will open in “Gallery 25N” with work from eighteen contemporary international artists on June 17, 2016.

Visit The Exhibit:

New York Exhibit – “Dreams 2”, 06/17/16:

Gallery25N – is proud to present a group exhibition of recent work by eighteen international, contemporary artists.  The artwork in this exhibition is all mediums: painting, drawing, digital art, photography, sculpture, etc. The work represents windows into an alternative reality that we all experience. The memory of a dream can be fleeting or can haunt us for a lifetime. Without the artist we would only see and feel our own dreams. However, the artist can help us connect to our dreams as well as allowing us to see into their dreams. The artist’s creation of dreams is a visual reality depicted from representational memories to an explosion of abstract and surrealistic images.


The artists featured in this exhibit are:

Matthew Bailey (United States)

Maja Borowicz (Poland)

Alain Brazeau (Canada)

Erik Brede (Norway)

Conor Brennan (Canada)

Lucia Chocholackova (Slovakia)

Xavier Even (France)

Gregory Jordan  (Australia)

Gary James Lee (United States)

Lara Lenore (United States)

Jin Powell (United States)

Frantisek Rerucha (Czech Republic)

Elisabeth Sekulic (Brasil)

Holly Siniscal (United States)

Curt Slangal (United States)

Judith Visker (United States)

Morgan Weissbach (United States)

Kurosh Yahyai (United States)


In accordance with this shows curators theme “Dreams 2” the artist’s work has been selected based on the uniqueness of the vision conveyed, the quality of execution and how clearly the artist’s individual technique/style is presented in each work.


[G25N] Gallery 25N is so pleased to have partnered with to curate this exhibit of international, contemporary artworks. Our mission is to help promote emerging and established artists/photographers and their accomplishments to a worldwide audience. Gallery 25N’s clientele and audience has been developed over the past twelve years and are comprised of art buyers, collectors, architects, commercial developers, interior designers, curators and other galleries.


For further information about the exhibit, selection process or artist:

How to be considered for an exhibit at Gallery 25N

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Gallery 25N

Gallery 25N

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