Feel “Free” and “Easy” at Villa Oxygene

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  • May 23, 2013

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Free, mixed media on canvas
Priska Medam


Feel “Free” and “Easy” at Villa Oxygene

Priska Medam at Artisan Festival International Cannes  

by Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, Art Historian




Artisan Festival International

World Peace Initiative, Cannes 2013

Villa Oxygene

Opening Thursday, May 23, 6 - 10 PM




Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative is supporting cultural diversity and peace, represented by independent artists exhibit their works featuring Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Film, Fashion, Music and Theatre. The festival takes place during Cannes Film Festival at the luxury private Villa of Richard Nilsson. The lifestyle designer Richard Nilsson names the location “Villa Oxygene” due to his partnership with the Jackson Family and Jackson Foundation. Villa Oxygene is situated in Super-Cannes, an elegant residential area, just 10 minutes distance from La Croisette Cannes. The show is curated by Thomas Maes and A.F.I./ W.P.I. Founder Princess Angelique Monét.  



“Bringing individuals together with films, not necessarily peace related or humanitarian, even risqué films, which creates more of a conflict resolution dialogue, is the best way to involve people and generate enthusiasm for others. With this being said, peace relations can only begin by individuals expressing themselves. In order to obtain peace, we must remember that exposing ourselves to new aspects of the human experience creates inner change, which is permanent and resonates to others around us, even on a subtle level,” stated Festival Founder and Director Princess Angelique Monét.

 Some of this year’s highlights include artworks on canvas by Priska Medam. Just the artworks on canvas titled “Free” and “Easy” invites the art lover to discuss about it. The Swiss artist Priska Medam looks full of joy in the future: "I`m pleased that the jury has chosen my work to show it at the Artisan Festival International in Cannes. So I feel a certain satisfaction that after so many years of hard work and passion, I come along with it step by step.” The curators Thomas Maes and Princess Angelique Monét decided for Priska’s work, because it fits perfectly to the World Peace Initiative to stimulate an open dialogue between artwork and visitor.

Easy, mixed media on canvas
Priska Medam

Priska Medam, born in Basel/ Switzerland, created a series of works involved in the magic cosmos of life. Similar to nature her work reflects processes of forming, growth and change, becoming and passing away. Graphic elements, shapes and colors are playing a relationship between background and foreground, silence and movement. Her inexhaustible source is the human life. As a sensitive artist she always observes her environment and creates new ideas full of passion. Colors and forms arise from her inner circle. Priska Medam is fascinated by art that is engaging the people. Her works represent both day dreams and apparent paradoxes at the same time.  



Villa Oxygene Cannes

Opening Reception: Thursday, May, 23, 6 - 10 PM (VIPs only)  


Contact Artisan Festival International/ World Peace Initiative:  

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Festival Founder /Executive Director




Thomas Maes Executive

Art Director of International Affairs Artisan Festival International




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