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  • March 09, 2016

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Show Highlights

A spectrum of Japanese art spanning classic to contemporary is a feast for the eyes in the Asia week exhibition organized by Carole Davenport. From simple, abstracted, childlike Haniwa figures of the 5th-6th century to contemporary stone sculpture by the Japanese artist, Hiroyuki Asano, form, aesthetics and texture take precedent. The intervening centuries are represented by a dated 1270 Maitreya Buddha of refined aesthetic and introspective demeanor, a colorful Ko-Kutani porcelain from the 17th century possessing modern design sensibilities, and a white Korean moon jar of spare outline and pure geometric shape. The show culminates in the works by Asano who has achieved international recognition with public placements around the globe, including China, Korea and Europe.

VENUE:  22 East 80th Street                 DATES & TIME:  MARCH 10 -19
              Fifth floor Leigh Morse FA        first view on March 10 at 4pm                       
              New York, N.Y. 10075             March 11-19 from 11am to 5pm
              646 249 8500                        GALA RECEPTION MARCH 12 at 4

Mark Davies
Carole Davenport

Carole Davenport
131 east 83 street
New York, New York
212 734 4859
About Carole Davenport

After apprenticing at a Madison Avenue gallery for 5 years, Carole began her private dealing in 1980. The years have been punctuated with public exhibitions such as Bellman shows in the 1980's, Arts of Pacific Asia in the 1990's as well as the International Asia Art Fair at the Armory from 1996-2000. Focuses on an art historical approach to prove authenticity and seeks works of aesthetic merit.Now affiliated with the Japanese art dealers association of New York

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