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  • April 04, 2014

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Kankanay Tribe Coffin Peg, Philippines.
Bruce Frank Primitive Art

International Dealers Specializing in the Art of Traditional Cultures Come Together For a Group Show in New York City. The Spring 2014 Madison Ancient and Tribal Art (MATA) Exhibition, May 14 Through 18, 2014 - Upper East Side of Manhattan.

New York, NY. – Madison Ancient & Tribal Art (MATA), an alliance of renowned international dealers specializing in the art of traditional cultures, will present an exhibit of extraordinary art and objects for four days only, May 14-18, 2014, at the Arader Gallery. Located in a magnificent Beaux-Arts townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Arader Gallery is located at 1016 Madison Avenue (between 78th and 79th streets) in New York City, near the Whitney Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Other MATA locations include: the prominent Pace Primitive (32 East 57th St.), a leading gallery specializing in tribal art from Africa and Oceania; Arte Primitivo (3 East 65th St.); Fernandez Leventhal Gallery exhibiting at the Art For Eternity Gallery (303 East 81st St.); Nasser & Co (120 East 73rd St.).

With the recent surge of re-interest in primitivism, combined with the historical connections between tribal art and modern/contemporary aesthetics, this year’s MATA show aims to captivate a wide range of collectors. With an emphasis on figurative and abstract sculptures, the goal of MATA is to expose the antique arts and material cultures of Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, and the Ancient Americas, to both seasoned Tribal art collectors, and collectors of modern and contemporary art.

This year’s show will be heavily attended by many collectors, from across the USA and abroad, who will also be in New York that week for the Sotheby’s and Bonham’s tribal art auctions.

Participating MATA dealers include; Marc Assayag African & Oceanic Art, Peter-Michael Boyd (African art), Kellim Brown (African Art), Kevin Conru (African & Oceanic Art), Bruce Frank Primitive Art (African, Oceanic, & Indonesian Art), Wayne Heathcote (Oceanic Art), Jacaranda Tribal (African Art), Leonard Kalina & Splendors of the World (Pre-Columbian & Oceanic Art), Amyas Naegele (African Art), Michael Oliver (African Art), Adrian Schlag (African Art), James Stephenson (African Art), Joshua Diamondstein (African Art).

This consortium of international galleries will show some of their finest pieces, in many cases unveiling them for the first time. Here are some of the highlights:

From Amyas Naegele African Art, an exceptional Makonde Lipico mask. Previously in a private collection in Johannesburg, South Africa, this exquisite mask is made of wood, with human hair detail, indigenous pigment and bee’s wax. 

Kevin Conru is offering a world class ‘Mei’ mask, from the Sepik River Region in Papua New Guinea. This mask dates to the 19th Century and was collected by Grace Munro in 1929. 

From Bruce Frank Primitive Art, a fine Coffin Peg from the Kankanay Tribe in the Philippines. 

The opening reception is 5:30-8pm Wednesday, May 14. The Post Auction Cocktail party will be held Friday, May 16, 6-8pm. 

Show hours are: 

Wednesday, May 14: 11am-8pm 

Thursday, May 15: 11am-7pm 

Friday, May 16: 11am-8pm 

Saturday, May 17: 11am-7pm 

Sunday, May 18: 11am-4pm 

For more information, as well as a slide show of objects, please visit:

Press Contact: Emma Wingfield or Bruce Frank


Phone: 917.733.9589

Emma Wingfield
530 304 8937

Madison Ancient and Tribal Art
Arader Gallery
1016 Madison Avenue
New York, New York
About Madison Ancient and Tribal Art

Madison Ancient & Tribal Art is an alliance of international dealers specializing in the art of traditional cultures. With an emphasis on figurative and abstract sculptures, the goal of MATA is to offer to new and seasoned collectors of traditional, modern and contemporary art an eclectic range of antique fine art and artifacts from the rich tribal cultures of Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, Asia and the Ancient Americas. MATA invites collectors of modern and contemporary art and design to consider the beauty of non-Western sculpture both on its own terms and for its potential to compliment their collections.

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