Goldsmith and Designer, Christina Malle, to be Honored with Pure Earth’s Force of Nature Award

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  • February 22, 2022

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Christina Malle against a blue painting.
Photo by Adriana Echavarria

On International Women’s Day, the achievements of women are recognized, celebrating those who move the needle forward in culture, social and economic realms. On March 8th, Pure Earth, a non-profit devoted to solving the global pollution crisis, is honoring three women who advocate for both the vulnerable and the protection of our precious planet. Pure Earth’s 2022 Force of Nature award recipients include Christina Malle, former EPA Administrator Carol Browner, and Dr. Netzy Peralta, an anthropologist who works with indigenous potters. A former human rights attorney turned goldsmith, Christina Malle creates art and nature-inspired jewelry, produced with gemstones and metals that are sensitive to the realities of our ever-evolving world. Her new Spring/Summer 2022 capsule collection is sourced in partnership with companies using the highest standards, and launches in conjunction with Pure Earth’s Force of Nature International Women’s Day program event. 

Fairmined Gold Shell Necklace, by Christina Malle. 18K Fairmined Gold.
Photo by Ralph Gabriner.

Francois Guillon, of Pure Earth’s Board of Directors, says, “Christina Malle is a catalyst for progress and action on raising public awareness in the mining sector, and on the benefits of mercury-free gold mining.  Christina’s own jewelry line is a celebration of nature’s seascapes and landscapes, and her craft demonstrates her commitment to responsibility and transparency.  Christina has worked tirelessly to spread that message to clients and colleagues, and she has been leading the way, supporting Pure Earth’s action to help gold miners go mercury free. We know her passion is making an impact not only on reducing pollution, but also in improving the lives of miners and their families.  And that is why we believe she is a force to recognize and celebrate.”

Aligning with International Women’s Day, Malle’s Spring/Summer 2022 capsule collection will be launched. Christina’s jewelry brings beauty to the world that is harmonious, conscious of its impact on people and the planet. Questions regarding origin, extraction, and a material’s influence on others are ubiquitous. As part of Ethical Metalsmiths and the Mercury Free Mining Project, Malle advocates for ways to problem-solve long-term solutions for the industry. As part of Pure Earth’s Jewelry Industry Action Committee, Christina works with Pure Earth and members from the responsible jewelry industry to brainstorm ideas that will further raise awareness among colleagues and consumers. She is also a supporter of Pure Earth’s annual Pure Gold jewelry auction held each fall to raise funds for Pure Earth’s work training artisanal miners to go mercury free and helping them restore land damaged by gold mining through reforestation. 

Rare Sea of Cortez (Mexico) Baroque Pearl and 18K Yellow Gold Earrings, by Christina Malle.
Photo by Ralph Gabriner.

“Pure Earth surprised me – in a good way! -- when they offered the Force of Nature award. It’s incredibly humbling to accept this honor, especially alongside changemakers like Netzy and Carol. I feel challenged to live up to the confidence placed in me,” says Christina Malle. “One advantage of switching careers is that we bring along, perhaps, a fresh set of questions. As an attorney who had represented asylum seekers (including an artisanal gold miner), it made sense to ask: Where is the gold from? How did it get here? Who benefitted from the extraction, processing and sale? And if those transactions were opaque, who has benefitted from that opacity? Same questions for gemstones.”

New Christina Malle jewelry designs bring a fresh, colorful look in time for spring and summer. The Sea of Cortez pendant features a rare, large baroque mabe pearl, a perfect fit for both resort-wear and every day. Continuing with the sea-inspired, her 18K Fairmined Gold Shell Necklace incorporates Malle’s signature rosette motif on a gold shell, providing a statement look for those love jewels reminiscent of ocean life. An elegant pink tourmaline necklace, also with a rosette, is set with a 1 ct. drop-shaped Nigerian pink tourmaline, cut by Roger Dery, in support of Gem Legacy, a non-profit that supports local mining communities. For those looking for an ethically-sourced band to tie the knot, the 18K Fairmined gold band is ideal and unisex, offering comfort and peace of mind.

For Christina Malle, the term “responsible sourcing” means paying miners and cutters a fair wage, avoiding child and forced labor, buying from known sources who can back up their own claims of responsibility, and mitigating the environmental impact of extractive industries.  In addition, Christina Malle uses Fairmined gold, which is traceable to the mining source, or gold with traceable origins. These miners are paid a fair wage, avoid or mitigate mercury, and reduce the environmental impact of mining.  

To reserve a spot for Pure Earth’s 2022 Force of Nature hybrid Program, see the schedule, and help the fight against pollution, with the event taking place on March 8th, 2022 at 12:30PM EST, click here. To learn more about Christina Malle and to view her jewelry collections online, visit Contact the designer directly by email at, or call 917-488-9338. For more information about this press release, contact Olga Gonzalez at Pietra Communications at, or call 212-913-9761.

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About Christina Malle Jewelry LLC

Christina Malle, G.G., is a classically trained goldsmith, who uses the finest materials to hand fabricate, or cast in small editions and hand finish, her timeless and elegant jewelry collections. A former human rights attorney, Christina is committed to using Fairmined Gold, and gemstones traceable to the source. She is a board member of Ethical Metalsmiths and a member of the Mercury Free Mining Group, the latter of which is working to remove mercury from artisanal and small-scale gold mining communities. Her fine jewelry features 18K gold, sterling silver, and the finest gemstones. For more information, visit

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