Mary Sipp Green - The Vineyard | Opening on Saturday April 17th at Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach

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  • April 10, 2021

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Mary Sipp Green | Sandy Meadow, Norton Point | oil on linen | 38 x 47 7/8 in. | FG© 139526
Findlay Galleries

Findlay Galleries is proud to announce the opening of the exhibition The Vineyard by Luminous landscape painter Mary Sipp Green on Saturday, April 17, 2021 at Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach.

In this exhibition, Findlay Galleries presents a collection of paintings by Mary Sipp Green depicting the charming scenic views of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The island, which sits in the embrace of the Atlantic, can feel like a world away; it possesses natural beauty and a unique atmospheric quality. In these works, Mary captures the Vineyard’s alluring scenery, from the radiant sunrise over the wave-swept beaches to the tranquil morning haze at dawn in the harbor towns of Vineyard Haven and Edgartown.

Mary excels at depicting the land and sea around her and revealing the most inspiring moments of the day with her contemporary balance of expression and form. Her luminous landscapes fully embody the spirit of a specific moment in a place, while her trademark skies are iridescent, revealing fleeting instances of exuberant light. Mary’s work is not about the tangible qualities, it is about the softly lit memories of a place infused with the element of time.

Mary Sipp Green | Leaving Edgartown | oil on linen | 26 x 60 in. | FG© 139547
Findlay Galleries

Findlay Galleries is proud to represent this exceptional landscape painter included in our stable of contemporary artists since 2005. Visit Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach to view this exhibition.

Mary Sipp Green has had many exhibitions of her work throughout her career at several museums and private galleries, such as the Butler Institute of American Art, Arnot Art Museum, Springfield Museum of Fine Art, and more. In 1992, Sister Wendy Beckett, a renowned British art historian, reviewed Mary's painting 'Nightshift' in her publication 'The Mystical Now: Art and the Sacred,' her book also included studies of works from Klee, Mondrian, Picasso, Rothko, and Matisse. Since, Mary developed a long-standing relationship with Sister Wendy Beckett, who continued to be an avid supporter of her work until her passing. 

Mary Sipp Green | Meandering Path, Cow Bay | oil on canvas | 30 x 38 in. | FG© 137902
Findlay Galleries

“You have a gentle poetry that comes from within, as though you are really concerned more with the ‘spirit’ of a place than it’s full materiality, even though you clearly recognize that reality as being the only ‘way in’, but you do go in, and you take us with you: that’s a joy.” 

– Sister Wendy Beckett, Art historian

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