In celebration of TEFAF Maastricht’s Silver Jubilee Michael Goedhuis brings the old and new from China

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  • March 09, 2012

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Bronze Censer in the Form of a Recumbent Mythical Animal China, Ming Dynasty, 15th/16th century Height 5.51 in (14 cm); length 9.02 in (22.9 cm)
Michael Goedhuis


Michael Goedhuis will exhibit at the world’s leading art and antiques fair this year from 16-25 March 2012.  Michael Goedhuis marks TEFAF’s anniversary year with a stunning selection of the old and the new from China. In keeping with TEFAF’s ambition to attract more interest from the Far East, highlights include an important Ming Dynasty and the finest in New Ink Art, which is increasingly being recognised, not only in China but also internationally, as the most audacious movement in contemporary Chinese culture. It is poised to enter the mainstream of the art-world’s focus.

Huai Yin Huang Ying Yu, Cha Hua Ting Xi Sheng (I hear the yellow warbler talking in the shade of the pagoda tree; I hear the stream chant when I put my flower in the vase), 2011 Ink and acrylic on xuan paper 48.43 x 96.46 in (123 x 245 cm) Each (2 Panels).
Michael Goedhuis

Michael Goedhuis, who was the first dealer in the west to recognize the significance of these radical innovations in Chinese culture, has concentrated in the past eighteen months on identifying for TEFAF the artists who are currently shifting the axis of Chinese aesthetics. Artists of particular note include Wei Ligang, who was born in Datong, Shanxi, in 1964 and has been at the forefront of contemporary ink painting’s development from its roots in mainland China.

Michael Goedhuis comments that Chinese Ink Art may appreciate dramatically over the next few years as the Chinese seek to reclaim their culture. ‘Chinese art will become the most expensive art in the world for obvious reasons….. It is galloping and it is not going to stop’.

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