Christophe Van De Weghe; Ten Years Ago

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  • December 15, 2021

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Segment of "White Holes" by Greg Furie
Greg Furie

Ten years ago I sold a calligraphy drawing to Christophe Van De Weghe.  Here's the original press release.  Click here

He saw the drawing online and like it.  He made me an offer, I sent him the drawing, and he paid me.  It was that simple 

I have several other pieces like it in my studio and will be posting them shortly on Instagram.

I've been mainly a closet artist for most of my life, but I think it's time to break lose.

I'm more than interested in talking to artdealers who'd be interested in helping sell my work.

It's not everyday that a Christophe Van De Weghe purchases an artwork of an unknown.  Maybe he's purchased other unknown artists' work as a hobby.  

If you'd like to see more of my calligraphy drawings be my guest.  Click here: Calligraphy Drawings.

I wonder what Christophe Van De Weghe would sell the drawing I sold him ten years for in today's market.  He'd probably wait until some media buzz perked up his ears.

Greg Furie


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